Every year, about 7% of Americans will experience clinical depression, a disorder characterized by persistent sadness; disturbances in sleep and appetite; as well as loss of self-esteem, confidence and even interest in day-to-day activities.

There are three key components of depression:

  • A crushing feeling of sadness
  • Negative assessment of a person’s history, situation and prospects
  • The perspective of self-doubt, helplessness and hopelessness

Although depression can be addressed by increasing physical activity, socialization good sleep patterns, and purposeful agendas, therapy sets out to change the way a person interprets the world into a more constructive perspective.



We spend a lot of time and effort re-living the unchangeable past and worrying about a future that hasn’t happened. This creates depressed and anxious moods. What is lost is the fact that at the present time, we are safe and well.


Mindfulness is the: ‘Awareness of current experience, without judgment’.