Therapy from the Comfort & Safety of Your Home

I continue to offer ‘Tele-Therapy’ through Skype, WhatsApp & Zoom. Call 410-970-4917, or Text 917-684-9650 or email for consultation. 

CareFirst / Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider.

United Healthcare Provider

At Edgewater Psychotherapy, I provide effective individual counseling services to adults, couples, families, children and adolescents. My therapeutic approaches are tailored to your individual needs, and include mindfulness and DBT-oriented emotion regulation and distress tolerance skill acquisition, family and parenting strategies; interpersonal relationship development; alcohol and substance abuse recovery strategies, conflict resolution; career development and personal coaching.




“My broad spectrum of personal and professional experiences make me an open, warm and compassionate therapist. I offer a calming waterfront setting for you to speak openly about your experiences and problems. I’ll balance the need to listen and validate your feeling with urgency to address and resolve your challenges. I am a practical person: I’ll help you develop problem-solving strategies as much as changing constructs to react differently to life’s experiences and challenges. My goal is to help you create the happy, peaceful and fulfilling life you envision. I thoroughly enjoy my work and look forward to helping you…” – Dr. Melvyn P. Heyes, LCSW-C.